Sore Eyelids - "Avoiding Life" Cassette

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Sore Eyelids - "Avoiding Life" Cassette

Second Full length from Sweden's Sore Eyelids! Featuring members of Suis La Lune, Years Passing, and Regnmoln. This band has such a unique sound thats full of emotion and energy. Heavy "shoegaze" influence mixed with melodic guitar and deep heart wrenching vibes.

Thanks to Tokyo Jupiter Records and Henning for letting us release this amazing album on cassette!
CD version available: Here

Track Listing

  1. Half Gone
  2. Isolation
  3. Everything's A Waste
  4. I'm Not There
  5. Act Alive
  6. A Void In Life
  7. Through Patterns
  8. I Thought I Was Doing Fine
  9. Everyone Disappoints
  10. Tilda
  11. The Hurt You Do
  12. Clouded
  13. No Words Left
  14. Nothing Was Ever Fine

Pressing Information

/61 - Old Computer

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