Updates from the grave!!!!! 12 October 2015

So We haven't been updating much since things are just so slow for us. 

1: The Casper Elgin​ 'It's Just A Fucking Demo' 7"  have been done, we're just waiting on the jackets. For those that pre-ordered, we apologize for the long wait... and also to inform you that the "Clear w/ Green Haze" did not happen. Apparently the colors blended and kinda looks like a Coke Bottle green color. 

2: Casper Elgin has called it quits. Such a bummer. BUT!!!... the remaining members are continuing on with music under a new name. So we are excited to see what the future has in store for them.

3: The Flowers Taped To Pens​ 'Nice To Meet You, I Hate You' 12" test presses are finished, just waiting to get those for approval (well Conner is waiting on those). Once those are set HOPEFULLY they will be pressed quickly, and pre-order info will be up! We will be doing all pre-orders through the Structures//Agony Records​ web store.

4: The Things Fall Apart​ LP Is basically on a standstill. Honestly, I have never been more bummed out about something. Due to issues with a specific individual (Not going to go into the details but they are basically off the grid and never paid the plant the money that the labels involved had put in), we will have to wait this one out and HOPE that this person is not a complete asshole and pays the plant what is owed. 

5: We will be doing the tape release for the new DOCKS​ EPwith  Open Door Records​ who will be releasing the CD. More info on that  in the future. 

well thanks for reading and hopefully we will have more going on soon. 

- Jeremey